RaceNation Events was born out of the passion and desire to help support the Events and Charity sectors in the UK. Founded to encourage and facilitate opportunities, we simply want to help existing event organisers and charities to continue to put on the same amazing events, in the same great locations, but with less risk and more rewards.

With expert teams, knowledge, contacts and years of experience we are building a movement to help the UK industry thrive.



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RaceNation Events can provide central support and structure for Event Directors to continue to do what they do best….putting on amazing events.

We are fully funded in order to welcome more events into our family. Our plan is that you still put on your events, we just help, support and provide some funding to take the stress of day to day management away from you. Hey we might even pay you a salary…

If all this sounds a little too good to be true, or you think you would like to come onboard, we would welcome contact from any existing event organisers that would like to find out more. Please get in touch and we can explain how it all works.


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Full Outsourced Event Management

Specialists in mass participation event management and delivery


We can also offer fully outsourced event management services, using our experts to take care of every stage of an events management and delivery in your name.

You may be a club, charity, association or business that wants to put on an event, but doesn’t have the time, capacity or resources to do so. Let us take care of everything and tailor the perfect event for your needs.

Get in touch today to see how our outsourced services could help you.


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Consultancy advice

You may just need a helping hand with some guidance and advice to fit within your existing team. Our experts can assist with specific areas from health and safety, risk assessments, traffic management, planning, design, suppliers, timing, insurances, volunteers and much more!

Get in touch today to see if we can become part of your team to make your events run better.

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Product Launch

Our launch enables us to position brands and products at the forefront of the sporting event and charity sectors. With a fast-moving initiative and thousands of participants we can help get the traction you need.

If you would like to discuss opportunities to collaborate and showcase your brand or products please email info@racenationevents.com